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CVPTVGON (CAP-TUH-GON) is an experimental bass project started by Daniel Dailey in 2018. Dailey first saw success after releasing his single "dabsdabsdabs" cementing his place in the bass scene. His creative use of sampling and heavy sub-bass sound design gained attention from artists like ATLiens, Meso, and G-Rex.CVPTVGON followed up by self-releasing his single "Yojimbo" and collaborated with CHOMPPA on the Deadbeats Records track "Flabbergast". Daniel continues to work with heavy hitters in the bass scene, collaborating with Blurrd Vzn and Space Wizard and releasing on labels such as Drama Club and Subsidia.

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Elderbass (Connor Elder) is a producer and DJ hailing from southern California. The 24-year-old flourished in the bass scene
due to his ability to successfully dabble in multiple genres while remaining true to his signature sound. His style embodies a deep and intricate sound design with a crisp bassline across all of his productions.
Connor first found notoriety with his self-released track "Underground" and "Intergalactic Remix" by the Beastie Boys, which garnered attention from Tvboo, Sully, and ALiens. With the success of these releases, he signed with Protohype's Underdog Records, releasing his song "Change your mind". Elderbass continued by self-releasing his breakthrough track "Paint Drippin'. With 2022 ringing in, Elderbass has come out strong with his 2022 showcase and collaboration "Blow the Whistles" with CHOMPPA on Circus Records.

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Dank Frank is a bass project started by Frank Menolascino. As an Icon Collective alum, Frank has developed skills that encompass a vibrant and versatile sound design by using Wyoming landscapes and nature as a source of inspiration. While producing, Frank does not shy away from experimenting with modes or accidentals, diversifying his compositions yet staying aligned with current music trends, simultaneously keeping his mixes fun and interesting, however shocking and forthright.Frank's first breakthrough track, "Great Wall" was featured on Deep Dark & Dangerous. He followed up with releases on SubCarbon and Drama Club Records. Soon after, Dank Frank signed with Jadu Dala, releasing his most popular tracks, "Hollow Thoughts" and "Velcro". With the success of these releases and his collaboration with Badrapper, Dank Frank received support from prominent artists such as Zeds Dead, Boombox Cartel, and Liquid Stranger.

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YKES (Jacob Dahl) is a bass producer, currently residing in Tampa, Florida. The 25-year-old California native started this project in 2017 and has since garnered support from artists like Adventure Club, Bear Grillz, Excision, and Zeds Dead.Jacob's bold-bodied sound design can be described as aggressive and high energy with melodic elements. Since his first release in 2019 with Dim Mak, YKES has established himself with record labels such as Bassrush, Circus Records, Rude Service, and most recently Subsidia, in collaboration with Fransis Derelle.

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Jourity is a small artist management company started in 2017. Currently based in Denver, Colorado.

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